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Supervision Requirements for Student Members

Students who are members of IACP must comply with IACP supervision requirements.

Students who intend to apply for IACP accreditation must be aware of and comply with the Course Accreditation Criteria.

Students must use an Accredited Supervisor whose orientation is consistent with the core theoretical model of the course.

The Course has the responsibility & discretion to identify and approve the appropriate Supervisor.

It is the responsibility of the course to ensure that the student has contracted with an appropriate and accredited supervisor before beginning practice with clients.

Students must complete a minimum of 25 hours personal therapy prior to beginning practice with clients. 

Students have an obligation under the IACP Code of Ethics to indicate their student status to agencies and to their clients.

Frequency, Ratio and Forms of Supervision

Frequency: Regardless of the number of client contact hours the Student must meet their supervisor at least 1.5 hours a month, while available to see clients.  

Ratio: The student is required to have a minimum of one hour of individual supervision for every 5 client contact hours.

Forms of Supervision: 

(a) One to one supervision: 

  • Sitting in on the counselling session followed by a review of the session.
  • Viewing the Counsellor/Psychotherapist through a window or by video, followed by a review of the session. 

    Using case-notes, verbatim notes or tape-recording of the session.

(b) Group Supervision is an important part and requirement of the course structure and learning. However, the minimum requirement of one hour of supervision for each 5 client contact hours must be met in individual supervision.


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The Association is not authorised to issue contact details of Non-Accredited Members

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